About Me

Welcome to my space in this World Wide Web, I am Ann Mary Joseph , I am not a brand or business or any other kind of promotion. The idea of this blog came up from my child hood habit of cutting and collecting news articles and pictures and quotes that fascinated me.  Now I no longer live in my home city Trivandrum, I left my city back in 2005 as a chemistry graduate from famous Mahatma Gandhi College of Trivandrum Kerala, India. But still I some collection of news papers back in my room in India. I would like to say that this blog is a a digital library of things I see and read and I save for future reference .
I am simple living person living in dream city and working a dream company. What you see is what you get with me. I don’t sugar-coat things, I present the facts in the simplest way possible, and I don’t waste time “beating around the bush”. So yes, I might be blunt or candid at times, but I say what I think and I’m always true to my beliefs.
I like to be resource to motivate, encourage and inspire you to make positive changes in your life. I’d love to have you stick around for a while so enjoy the journey with me 🙂

Love and Regards



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